“Dark Knights will not Prevail”

“Dark Knights will not Prevail”

Today is Sunday, July 22,2012… Like no other day, since camping out on the roof and walking across America, my heart is so heavy.  I am grieving like no other time before.   At the time of this writing, 12 people are dead, the youngest being a 6 year old, all victims of gun violence.  59 others are hospitalized with 9 of them in critical condition, all at the hand of 1 shooter with several guns.

First, my heart goes out to the people of Aurora, CO., who had to endure this horrific and traumatic experience, ironically after being recognized as one the safest cities in America (Dec. 2011).  I’m praying for those families who lost loved ones and for those survivors who will have to endure the injuries and scars of gun violence for the rest of their lives.

I am glad to see all of the city of Aurora, the state of Colorado, America and our president, Barack Obama, come together to grieve this senseless tragedy, as we should!  The outpouring of support has been tremendous; for people to come together for a common cause standing one with another, democrats, republicans, independents, liberals and conservatives… Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics and other nationalities all coming together to let it be known that evil will not prevail!

 I am sure that Aurora will use this experience to strengthen them by continuing to love and support one another, as communities should.  As I watched a live prayer vigil in Aurora, I only wish I could take the love being shown, the compassion being shown, the cooperation being shown, the togetherness and the unity and somehow bottle it up and transport it to the south side of Chicago!

I am more than sure, if we could have this kind of display of concern coming from all walks of life, we could stand against the evil “dark knights” that rises every week, every month and every year in the city of Chicago, as hundreds of people get shot, killed, wounded and emotionally maimed for life; and many of them are our children!

 Although I am grieved, I have made a conscientious decision to continue the struggle of helping all of America to see the plight that most inner city communities face on a consistent basis.  I have no doubt that when America understands the magnitude of the trauma, they will rise to the occasion just as they have in Aurora, CO. and begin to make a difference in the lives of many without hope.

 Let us continue to pray for everyone everywhere who have to face the hideous and horrendous effects of gun violence.  Let Aurora, CO. be the example for all of us to follow in handling Dark Knights.

 Red and yellow, black and white we are all precious in God’s sight!


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